How respray a car wing mirror.

1. Make sure to make sure your colour is a correct match by spraying a test card.

2Wash the wing mirror down with warm soapy water to remove all dirt.

3. Mask off all areas you don't wish to paint.

4. Use a red scotch pad to abrasive the surface.

5. Use an pre-cleaner such as our silicone remover  to prepare the wing for painting.

6. Apply three coats of aersol plastic primer allowing 5-10 minutes inbetween each coat. Leave dry for 60 minutes.

7. Sand the primed surface using P600 sanding paper using a small amount of water.

8. Use a damp cloth to clean the surface.

9. Apply a light coat of paint to cover the surface. Apply a further two coats, always allowing 5-10 minutes drying time in between.