How to paint leather using SEM Leather Coating.

Products used in this videoSEM Leather & Plastic Coating3M Masking Tape, Latex GlovesTack ClothsGrey Scotch Pads & Colour Check Cards.

1. Make sure to check your colour is a correct match by spray out a test card.

2. Be sure to clean the leather thoroughly using a professional cleaner like our silicone remover. Use scotch pads to give a good wipe down an ensure there is no excess dirt. 

3. With a damp cloth give one last wipe down. 

4. Mask off all areas you don't wish to be painted. 

5. Give your aerosol a good shake to ensure it's all mixed correctly.

6. Spray the leather in light even coats. Allow 5-10 minutes in between each coat.

7. Apply untill you are happy with the finish.

8. Allow sit for 24 hours before refitting the head rest.