Industrial Paints


Vinny Byrne offers a full range of paints and ancillaries from BERNARDO ECENARRO which are suitable for a huge range of industrial painting applications. Whatever you need to paint there is a suitable BERNARDO ECENARRO finish offering easy application, a perfect colour match, excellent durability and unbeatable corrosion protection.

BERNARDO ECENARRO paints offer a fast and effective finish which is highly flexible and exceptionally economical, making it one of the most profitable paints you can use. The system also utilises advanced pigment and binder technology to produce easily achievable finishes of outstanding quality, including direct to metal application. The system offers:

• Low stock holding systems available

• Very competitive pricing

• Full spectrum colour offer

• Fully VOC compliant finishes where required

• Full range of ancillaries

• Great flexibility

• Many types of paint from a single system

• Easy application

• Fast cycle times and faster job turnaround

• Excellent coverage for reduced material consumption


besa industrial Paint for any application from one compact system

The unique BERNARDO ECENARRO flexible multi binder system means using one of forty binders allows you to produce a wide variety of paints in any colour and any quantity in matt, semi matt and gloss finishes. These include:

• 2K Direct to Metal Finish (aluminium, steel, glass, GRP, etc.)

• 1K Direct to Metal Finish (aluminium, steel, Perspex, etc.)

• 2K Acrylic (Fully compliant finish)

• 2K Polyurethane

• PVC Enamel (Advertising Banners etc.) 

• Cellulose

• Hammer Finish

• Quick Dry Synthetic

• Brush on Synthetic

• Metallic basecoat


A full range of hardeners is also available for different painting environments and requirements including:

• Ultra fast - for small area finishing

• Medium +  slow for high temperature work


Primers available include:

• 1K Shop Primer (F-714) with excellent adhesion to aluminium, galvanised and mild steel. Can be coloured.

• 2K Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer (F-294) with excellent adhesion to aluminium, galvanised, steel. Available in different colours.

• Quick Drying Synthetic Primer. (F862) with excellent adhesion to old finishes, steel, works primer. Available in different colours.

• 2K Transparent Sealer offers excellent isolating filling properties. Can be coloured. 


The BERNARDO ECENARRO system offers full colour flexibility:

• Match most colours in any type of paint.

• Formulations covering Pantone, British Standard, NCS, RAL, UNE, AFNOR.

• Easy to use colour identification tool.

• Spectrophotometer matching available.