A fresh floor finish from Vinny Byrne

31 Dec 2020

Vinnybyrne.com is helping motor trade businesses across Ireland transform their workshops with an extensive range of floor paints and finishes. Fresh floor paint can make a garage or bodyshop look great as well as providing a cleaner, safer, warmer and more welcoming working environment, while also making the premises look more professional to customers.

Vinnybyrne.com offers a range of floor paints suitable for all types of floor and can supply these in any quantity at an economical price. There is also no restriction on colour. Vinny Byrne Paint expert Alan Kelly comments, “People tend to think of floor paints in terms of basic grey and red shades, but with our unique mixing system we can produce floor paint in absolutely any colour and supply it in any quantity. It means companies can match floor colours to their premises or corporate requirements.”

Alan also explains that paints can be supplied in a variety of finishes including gloss, satin, textured and even chlorinated rubber for external areas. Various types of paint are available depending on the applications, from air dry polyurethanes through to 2K Epoxy paints for heavy duty industrial use. The paints can also be applied easily to just about any surface including concrete, brick, stone, tile and wood and offer excellent durability and resistance to oil, grease, detergents and chemicals, all with minimal maintenance.

The team at Vinnybyrne.com have also built up extensive expertise in floor paints over many years and are happy to provide practical advice on issues such as quantity of material required, surface preparation, application and drying. Alan says, “With the right choice of paint you can achieve a highly professional and very durable finish on any floor at a fraction of the cost of a painting contractor.”

Floor paints can be ordered from the Vinny Byrne online store at www.vinnybyrne.com or from Vinny Byrne branches. Floor painting kits are available which include all the required paint, hardener and thinners, while accessories such as applicators and brushes are also in stock.

To complete the job with a highly professional look Vinny Byrne also offers a full range of Easyline Edge line marking paints and equipment from the highly respected global supplier Rocol. This allows a business to mark out its workshop or car park easily and economically with bright clear, professional looking lines in a variety of colours.

Click here to view the range or for more information call ++353 (1) 626 1700.

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