Be first to finish with URKIROCKET ultra fast clearcoat

31 Dec 2020

URKIROCKET is a super fast new clearcoat system from BESA now available for Vinny Byrne. The innovative new product allows bodyshops to save time and significantly reduce energy costs while producing a finish of outstanding quality. URKIROCKET is especially suitable for spot and small area repairs.

The unique formulation of URKIROCKET means it can achieve record drying times, up to three times faster than most other UHS clearcoat with fast hardener. This advanced clearcoat is air dry in just 40 minutes and can be polished in just 60 minutes meaning a huge time saving in the workshop.

The product also dries incredibly quickly without the need for baking. This means bodyshops can make huge savings on the spraybooth bake cycle and thus significantly cut their fuel bills.

As well as being fast and economical, URKIROCKET also offers other benefits in terms of its superb finish with excellent levelling, gloss and sharpness. It is also very environmentally friendly, with a VOC content of just 325 g/l much lower than that demanded by the European Directive (2004/42/CE) IIB (D).

URKIROCKET comes in a convenient kit package that is very competitively priced. The kit comprises 1lt UrkiRocket Clear + 1lt E-205 Hardener meaning an easy 1:1 mix and no need to purchase and hold excessive stock.

To order the URKIROCKET clear kit please click here.

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