Get a perfect wood finish with Sherwin Williams

31 Dec 2020

Now available from Vinny Byrne is a range of outstanding professional wood finishing products from Sherwin Williams, one of the world’s leading coating suppliers.

Sherwin Williams wood finishes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of wood, while providing a highly durable hard wearing finish. The high performance finishes are easy to apply, fast drying and easy sanding.

The Sherwin Williams range covers the full spectrum of wood finishing applications including, flooring and parquet flooring, home furniture, office furniture, kitchen and bathrooms, joinery, and shop fitting.

Products available include; 1K Polyurethane Floor Lacquer, 1K Parquet Floor Lacquer, Duo Speed A/C Lacquer, P/C Nitro Cellulose Lacquer, 2 Part PU Clear, 2 Part PU White, A/C White Enamel as well as the appropriate primers, sealers, thinners and catalysts. Products are also available in various finishes such as gloss, semi gloss, soft sheen and matt. Various pack sizes are available with many products coming in a kit form with catalyst.

If you need to protect interior wood surfaces and make them look great then choose Sherwin Williams professional wood finishes from Vinny Byrne.

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