Our Grey World

02 Feb 2023

Research done by a worldwide coatings manufacturer has found that car colours nowadays are dull (my word, not theirs). They found that 39% of cars are white, with another 39% being either black, grey, or silver. Car colours have trends, the same as household paint does. I remember back in the 1990s, there were lots more bright and colourful cars on our roads (and on the walls of our houses).

For some reason, our tastes have become more neutral over the past 25 years. Maybe it’s to do with the doom and gloom that the global economy heaped on us, or maybe when buying a car, we want to blend in rather than stand out. I’m glad that the trend is changing and car manufacturers are offering more bold choices, such as Sedona Orange metallic on the Ford Ranger or BMW Java Green. 

A few years ago, a customer came to us who wanted to respray their car in bright Barbie pink. There were a few raised eyebrows in our paint mixing room, but the customer got exactly the colour they wanted, and it certainly stood out. 

I would see the car passing by from time to time, people would turn their heads to look, and the owner seemed delighted with all the attention. Some car colours just scream, “look at me,” while others quietly pass by without you ever looking twice. So maybe next time you’re picking a car colour, go for the bolder choice!


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