Your own brand aerosol paints

AerosolAt Vinny Byrne our experienced colour technicians, using computer aided colour matching, can exactly match absolutely any colour shade you require. We can then fill this colour into convenient aerosol cans or touch up bottles, which are ready for use and provide a very high standard of finish. 

We can produce these aerosol cans in any quality you require which can be personalised with your own label and company details. These aerosols are easy to use and are capable of producing a top quality finish on a huge variety of applications.

We can produce aerosols in a range of different finishes, such as matt, satin or high gloss. These aerosols are ideal for repairs and touch ups on vehicles, agricultural machinery, forklifts, furniture, bikes, boats or just about any painted surface.

Aerosol paints matched to your corporate colour requirements can provide your company with a highly effective business building tool that can significantly boost customer satisfaction. 

You can increase sales using aerosols as an add on service designed to keep your products looking great. Alternatively you may wish to use them as a free item with a product sale designed to add value and enhance customer service.

Either way personalised aerosols can provide your customers with a  convenient and easy to use, durable finishing solution.

For enquiries please email your requirements to or call our sales team on ++353-(0)1-626-1700.