How to Spray Paint PVC, uPVC & Aluminum.

Products used in this video: Face mask, Scuff & Clean Pads, ProXL Cleaner, Tack Cloth, Masking Tape, Nitrle Gloves, Fitoplas. PVC Paint Colour Match

1. Always check aerosol colour is a match before spraying.

2. Wash the surface with warm water to remove any heavy dirt. 

3. Gently abrase the surface using the grey scuff & clean pad. 

4.  Wipe the area down using the ProXL Cleaner & a clean cloth.

5. Apply first light coat of your chosen colour.

6. Allow 5-10 minutes drying time before applying second coat. 

7. Again allowing 5-10 minutes drying time before applying third coat if needed. 

8. Allow 24 hours drying time before handling or refitting.