Fork Seal Driver Kit

Product No: SMC49
Product description:

• Interchangeable insert system allows the seal driver to work perfectly on forks from Ø35-50mm.
• The 15mm variance in size covers nearly every modern fork.
• It will work on every popular fork brand, whether that is upside-down or conventional, the fork seal kit is perfect for every job.
• Specially designed fork seal driving tools for front forks.
• Supplied with six different size plastic adapter can be used for most conventional and upside-down front forks.
• Contents: Seal Driver Inserts; 35-36, 40-41, 42-43, 45-46, 47-48, 49-50mm, Seal Driver Shell.
• Ergonomically designed driver body requires less power and aids accurate operation.

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153.69 Inc. Vat