Premier 12 / 24V 6400A Wheeled RoadStart® Jump Starter

Product No: PRS6400
Product description:

• HIGH performance 66Ah AGM battery, specially formulated to jump-start up to 8-Cylinder engines up to 9L diesel and 12L petrol.
• DURABLE casing and totally portable thanks to a retractable handle and puncture proof wheels.
• 0/12/24V rotary switch for spark-free connection.
• SUPPLIED with heavy-duty brass clamps with inbuilt short circuit protection fuse (in the + clamp)
• REVERSE polarity alarm, both visual and audible.
• 12V FUSED output socket can be used as a memory saver, as well as powering accessories such as mini compressors.
• SUPPLIED with an automatic 12/24v 7A smart charger and maintainer.
• MADE in Switzerland.

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2,306.19 Inc. Vat