Rocol® Temporary® Fusion Spot Marking Spray Yellow 750ml

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Temporary spot and survey marking spray (2 to 3 months)

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Product Description

ROCOL® Temporary® Fusion Spot and Survey Marking Paint

TEMPORARY® fusion supports corporate purchasers’ social and environmental responsibilities, minimising Health and Safety risks for the user without compromising the trusted superior performance you would expect from a ROCOL product. Many of the features are unique when compared with other removable spot marking paints on the market.


  • Semi-permanent spot and survey marking paint - Lasts 2 to 3 months.
  • Developed to be instantly removed once dry with water and a brush
  • Will also fade naturally over a 2 – 3 month period.
  • Patented clog-free spray through cap
  • Non-irritant formula under the CLP regulation
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Not harmful to aquatic life
  • Removable with water and a stiff brush
  • One pass system gives excellent, bright durable markings
  • Extra tough 18Bar rated aerosol cans minimizes risk of puncture or failure in high temperatures
  • Fast drying-touch dry in 5 minutes
  • Colour coded range for identifying electric, gas, water, cables etc.
  • Suitable for marking surfaces such as asphalt or tarmac, concrete, metals, timber, soil, grass sand and gravel, artificial and natural stone, brickwork and composites
  • Ideal for pavement spot marking in areas where permanent paint lines do not want to be left after work has been completed
  • Evaluated under EC Directive 1272/2008

**Duration may vary due to surface conditions, weather, paint thickness and traffic levels. We recommend you test a small area before use.

  • A general guide to colour usage is; White = Line demarcation, Yellow = Caution/Hazard, Red = Danger/Warning/Fire Area, Blue = Prohibition/Restriction, Green = Direction/Route, Orange = Storage/Loading,Black & Grey = Cover existing lines
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