Spray it, don’t waste it!

07 Feb 2023

As a supplier of aerosol paints and coatings to the Irish market, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and do everything we can to minimize our impact on it. Paint in aerosols will keep for a long time, so do your bit for the environment and don’t waste it. Just because it’s been sitting on a shelf in your shed for a while doesn’t mean it’s gone off.

Shake the can vigorously to mix the paint with the solvent. Bringing the aerosol can up to room temperature helps if it’s been in your shed or garage, so bring it indoors for a day or two. Most paint aerosols have a small ball bearing inside, which helps to mix and agitate the contents, so you should hear this rattling when you shake the can. If you depress the nozzle and nothing comes out, it’s most likely that paint has hardened the nozzle, blocking the spray. A small pin inserted into the nozzle to free it will work most times. 

For more stubborn blockages, you may need to leave the nozzle to soak in a solvent or white spirit to loosen the hardened paint. Alternatively, we carry a supply of spare nozzles for many types of aerosol cans; just ask. If, after doing all this, the aerosol is still not spraying and you’re sure there’s product left in it, try turning it upside down and pressing the nozzle. There’s nothing like gravity assisting the paint to get out of a can!

If you need to dispose of an empty aerosol can, do not crush, flatten or pierce the can as there may be residual gas in it and there is a risk of explosion.

Although aerosol cans are generally made of aluminum/metal, they are NOT safe to put into your recycling bin as they may explode or cause a fire in the recycling facility. Many civic amenity sites provided by local county councils offer to take used aerosol cans for safe recycling. Please check with your local authority. And if you cannot get to a civic amenity site, the next best thing is disposing of the aerosol in your general waste bin.

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