08 Mar 2023

When it comes to home renovations, I firmly believe that we all fear the chaos created by demolition, plastering, and painting…. And if the house you live in is very old, as soon as work starts, the dust seems to go to every crevice. Hence the reluctance to start any new projects!
On a not-so-recent job (I haven’t dared to start a new project after that!), we had to bring down a ceiling proving to be very dangerous and on the verge of collapsing. I expected to see a lot of dirt but was unprepared for the mayhem it created!
Having prepared for it, I decided to get some products I had seen in our showroom.
They are doorway-zipped dust protectors and multi-purpose surface and carpet protectors. They were real lifesavers!

Doorway-zipped dust protector

The doorway-zipped dust protector is a plastic sheet that can be securely attached to your door frame with masking tape.

It comes with a self-adhesive backing zip that is attached to the sheet.

While opening the zip, you run a sharp utility knife down the centre of the sheet, taking care not to damage the zip.

Once done, you pull the zip back up to the top to seal the room off.

As easy as that! And the best thing is that the zip can be used from both sides of the doorway.

Although it did not stop the black dust from spreading around, it definitely decreased the amount of it moving around the house. I got several of these sheets to use on all doors surrounding the room where the work was done. Worth spending the money on.

Surface protector and carpet protector

The other products were the multi-purpose surface protector and carpet protector. They are both self-adhesive and protect laminate floors, carpets, and worktops from dirt, spills, and mess that come while decorating, building, plastering, and general household maintenance.

One word of advice is to refrain from using this film on your heated underfloor areas.

Allow cooling for at least 24 hours before the film is laid.

We did not think of this, and I can tell you, it was not easy to remove it afterwards! Extra work created for ourselves! But the carpets were well protected.

Once the job was finished, we easily removed the film.


Remember always to read the instructions before use.

So, when you start planning for the next house renovation, visit us and look around our showroom.
All the above products are on the shelves and waiting to be found! We do so much more than paint!

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