3 Amazing Products for removing Ink, Mold & Scratches

28 Feb 2023

We all know that a stain, scratch or even mould is the most pressing reason we set to do a job on our loved leather item, be it a sofa, a bag, a jacket or your car’s leather interior. 

On our Fenice leather care range, you can find the right products to remove scratches, ink stains and mould quickly. 

The Ink Remover cleans recent ballpoint ink or lipstick from top-coated leather, vinyl or vinyl-like surfaces. 

It may sometimes be used for fresh stains on by-cast (a material made with a split leather backing covered with an embossed layer of polyurethane or vinyl) and aniline leather with prior treatment with Leather Protector. 

On some aniline leather, it may cause darkening that could disappear in a couple of days. Always test before use and apply the product on a hidden area first.

  • When using the Ink Remover, gently rub the product directly over the spot a few times, allowing 30 seconds for the ink to dissolve. Once you see the ink start to dissolve, use a soft, lint-free cloth to
  • Wipe away both the Ink Remover and the ink mark. 
  • For stubborn stains, a second application may be needed. 
  • Do not rub vigorously!

The Scratch Remover is a water-based product used on natural leather, such as aniline (a type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes) and pull-up (an oil and wax-rich leather that is entirely natural, unaltered and rugged yet soft and supple to the touch). Do not use it on nubuck or suede. 

It is a simple solution for healing and blending surface scratches and rubs on natural leather. It helps restore the surface colour as well as blend the damage. It is highly effective on fingernail scratches. When you are treating leather, always test on a discrete area first. 

  • Apply Scratch Remover on a soft cotton cloth and rub gently on the damaged area until the damage has
  • disappeared. 
  • Don’t rub aggressively! 
  • A hairdryer will improve the effectiveness of the product.
  • When the repaired area is completely dry, protect it with the Leather Protector. 

It is usual for the Scratch Remover to transfer some colour to the cloth while moving over the scratch.

The Mold Remover is prepared for the removal of stains caused by the growth of mould on leather exposed to high humidity, moisture or dampness. If identified early, Mold Remover eliminates surface stains, stops further growth and restores leather to its original condition. 

It is a specialised product that readily resolves problems of mould. When handling this product, use protective gloves and avoid eye or skin contact. Start by applying it to a concealed area, and if there is a colour change, colour loss or darkening, do not use it. 

  • Dampen a soft cloth with Mold Remover and gently rub
  • the area to be treated. 
  • Repeat this procedure after 24 hours if necessary. If the mould has been present for a long time, it may be required to re-colour the leather. 
  • Clean with Leather Cleaner to remove any trace of residue left by Mold Remover. 
  • Apply the  Leather Protector with a cloth and wipe gently in circular motions.
  • You can not use this product on nubuck leather (a soft and durable luxury leather similar to suede).

All of the above products are manufactured to treat your leather items. This is only a small introduction to how you can do the job yourself but always remember to read instructions carefully and test the product in a hidden area. If in doubt, check with one of our technical advisors.

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