You can have any colour, as long as it’s black

03 Feb 2023


We’ve come a long way since that quote was attributed to Henry Ford back in the 1900s. As head of the Ford Motor Company, he wanted to mass-produce motor cars and keep costs as low as possible so that car ownership was affordable for all and not just the super-rich. Today, cars come in every colour of the rainbow and more. We often get customers coming into our showrooms wanting a touch-up for their car, unaware of the sheer number of colours out there. They’ll ask for something like “ a Ford blue” or “the red that’s on a 2003 Toyota”. 

If only it were that easy! Each year, each manufacturer and each model has different colours, and in order to get an exact match, we ask for the colour code from your vehicle. They don’t make it easy to find, and each manufacturer will put that code in a different place on your car. On our website, we have provided a colour wizard to help you find the colour you need, but you’ll probably still need the colour code. I have a black car, and I put my car make, year, and model into the wizard, and it still comes up with 16 different shades that it could be. 

Henry Ford might be surprised to know that black isn’t just black anymore, with hundreds of variations, including metallics. Some customers are sure they could pick their colour out of a lineup but, when presented with the colour swatches, are not nearly so sure. This is why, to us, the colour code will always be King!


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